Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
Translational Medicine: Expediting Life Science Development from Bench to Bedside Broadly defined, Translational medicine concerns: 1) Speeding up the efficient transformation of basic science concepts into drugs and therapies; 2... Erica Fawell, PhD, MBA Editor, Found in Translation & Mari Paul, JD, MBA Founder, Life Science Leaders
Quality: Past, Present & Future What has been the impact to the lifescience industry from the various evolutionary stages of quality assurance? Navin S. Dedhia is a quality... Navin S. Dedhia
10 common mistakes people make during FDA inspections Krishna will cover issues that will turn your FDA inspection into a nightmare. These mistakes are very general and are applicable towards all types... Krishna Ghosh, Ph.D.,
Medical Device Entrepreneurship: The 10 things I wish I knew 20 years ago Rich Ferrari, Managing Director at De Novo Ventures, will share his rich experience in the Medical Devices industry - as an executive, an... Rich Ferrari, Managing Director, De Novo Ventures
Career Transitions - The Good , Bad and Ugly This will be a two-part presentation. Audrey will discuss “Biotechnology Industry: Role of Syntex Syva Alumni in Its Success” and how the... Audrey Erbes and Harry Wachob
How Does Quality Assurance Affect a Medical Device Company? What is Quality Assurance (QA) and How Does It affect You and the Company? What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Personnel. Examples of... Bob Wall, Micrus Endovascular
Taking Control of Your Days Are you over scheduled and overwhelmed? Have you seen your desktop lately? When life become a million plus things on your to-do list instead of... Linda Olson, L. Olson Associates
Dehydration - Impact on Health, Wellness and Physical Performance and the Business Opportunity it Represents Robin Stracey talks about the latest device from Cantimer to address the dehydration needs in today's world. Cantimer was founded in 2006, by two... Robin C. Stracey - President & CEO Cantimer, Inc
How to get a Biomedical Company funded funded when the odds are against you Starting a Biomedical company can be tough. There are plenty of challenges, but the one that most entrepreneurs find most daunting is raising start-... John Hendrick, President and CEO, NeoVista Inc
Quality Issues and Solutions in the Software Industry What is the definition of Quality? The most expensive faults are introduced during the requirements phase; while the highest density of faults are... Shuly Cooper, Ph.D., PhytoScience, Inc.